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Patio & Balcony Planters

The Best Patio & Balcony Planters30in-2x4-railing-planter-bronze-29157.1387915382.1280.1280.jpg

                Efficiently decorating a patio or balcony can be quite a challenge when taking into consideration the various spatial limitations. However limited space may be there are always ways to overcome! Fortunately  there are a variety of flower pots and planters designed with the purpose of accomadating these spatially confined areas.

Rolling Planters

                Rolling planters are some of the most efficient vegetable and flower planters for economizing space. Accoridngly, when taking into account their increased mobility rolling flower pots are really the perfect patio décor customizers. Able to adapt to whatever patio furniture you have or plan on getting. This adaptability allows them to used in a greater number of ways adapting to changing garden aesthetics for years to come. Rolling planters come in a wide array of styles, for a highly efficient self-watering rolling multi-tiered planter check out the MobileGro Rolling Planter.


Elevated Planters

                By raising your garden off the ground, you effectively save space and add a great aesthetic that will distinguish your patio or balcony. The efficacy lies in the the depth they allow and space they save.  Elevated planters are not simply equipped to host alluring flowers but are also perfect for vegetables. Whether decorating your balcony with a fantastic display of flowers or creating a source of fresh produce, elevated planters such as the compact vegtrug are a great addition.

Balcony Railing Planters

                To make the most of your porches limited space a great addition is a balcony railing planter. Railing planters are often quite popular because they are simplest addition to a patio or balcony while at the same time the least space consuming (aside from perhaps a hanging basket planter). For a particularly great variation try out a more colorful self watering railing planter. These are great pieces that will make any balcony, patio or porch railing distinct and decorative.


Hanging Planters

                Perhaps the most efficient balcony planter is the classic hanging basket. For a delightful efficient variation check out the hanging self-watering planter. These are perfect for adding additional dimensions to your patio, balcony or porches décor. Hanging planters are great addition to fully explore your home decor's potential. They come in a variety of styles so securing the appropriate liner for these planters is vital.

DIY Planters

                A potentential solution to your patio spatial constraints can be solved with an interesting repurposed use of older items. ‘Do it yourself’ is a popular way to decorate your porch or patio in a distinct and personalized way. For instance, this intrepid individual used old paint cans and a step ladder to create a multi-tiered, cascading flower display.