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Container Gardening Ideas

How to Start a Container Garden

                Considering sprucing up your porch, patio or perhaps your balcony with lovely planter? Wondering how to plant a garden that is an example of container gardening perfect? When creating a dynamic container garden, there are many aspects to take into account as opposed to standard, traditional outdoor gardening.

Spatial Restrictions & Root Growth

                Especially when dealing with the confinements of a porch, patio, deck or balcony the limitation of planter size should be taken into consideration. While, depending on the plant you plan on growing it is also important to consider the specific root growth that will be anticipated while growing in your container garden. That’s why for something more constraining like a balcony railing planter it’s best to go with smaller flowers that not only complement the aesthetic but respect the railing planter’s limitations. However, it is also be important to mention, when considering a container addition to an outdoor garden going with a large planter is usually beneficial. As quite often the size of a planter can often be overestimated until it is sitting in your outdoor garden.


                Watering is also an important task when considering the health of a container garden. Especially when the plants are inside and in hotter environments regular and adequate watering is in many ways art form in the gardening world.  For a more convenient option, consider indulging in a self-watering planter for a valuable time saver.  

Drainage Holes

                Another fundamental aspect of container gardening is being sure of adequate drainage in your planter. Without this drainage root rot can occur damaging the health and potentially killing your vegetables and flowers before they ever had a chance. When planting outside drainage is not a problem, however, when brought either inside or onto a porch or patio setting water staining is known to occur. A simple fix for this staining problem is a simple planter saucer.

Fertilizer Mix

                Of paramount importance in any gardening endeavor is providing your plant with adequate nutrients. A wide assortment of container soil and fertilizing mixes are available as are various plant nutritional additives. For a variety of fertilizers and container planter soil mixes proven to be effective check out some of these planter potting mixes. While whether the plant in question is vegetable or flower, small or large, and type of breed can require specific nutritional treatments over the course of the plants life. All in all it is important to consider the specific necessities of your vegetable or flower garden’s nutritional requirements and container fertilizing needs. 

Vegetable Container Gardening

                When growing vegetables in a pot or planter, the typical aspects of container gardening is even more vital for providing bountiful vegetable harvest. For instance pots and planters can be quite amenable for growing tomatoes, potatoes or a variety of other vegetables. For instance, fabric potato and tomato grow bags are quite effective at maximizing root exposure to oxygen and facilitating the healthiest and largest vegetable yield.