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Gardening in Railing Planters

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Invest in a railing planter and make your most unlikely spots flourish and shine!

Expanding on the virtues and simplicity of basic planters; rail planters are impressive additions to just about any porch or balcony. Made to grip and – in some cases – self watering; rail and window planters are a wonderful alternative sure to add spark to your outdoor garden.

Suitable for plants, herbs, and vegetables; railing planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can accommodate an equal variety of plant life.

Here is how it works.

1.Colorful bloom pots and balcony planters fit over up to 2.5” thick raining to allow for beautiful and festive displays.

2.Self watering balcony planter systems are incredible and simple for your plant, flower, and vegetation needs. Simply fill up the reservoir and watch the magic happen!

3.Window boxes – some self watering; allow for a lovely terra cotta look that is simple to maintain and gorgeous to look at – and pick fresh vegetables from!

We also feature bracket systems that can be added to deck and porch rails; increasing your space for growing exponentially and livening up any deck.

Let's paint a picture: imagine the yard that you've been dreaming of – a simple garden of flowers herbs or vegetables of your choice – and it's all attainable even if you don't have the space. Save room and hassle when you forgo simple floor-bound terra cottas elevate your garden game with these simple rail planters, self watering pots and planters, and brackets!