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Top 10 Planter Saucers and Accessories

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The Universal Round & Square Planter Saucers

                The purpose of any elegant pot or planter is to elevate and refine your home décor. Not soil it by leaving nasty water stains that tainting the crisp and fresh aesthetic of your porches and patios. Enter the planter saucer. Planter trays are the only solution to water stains that can also increase and complement the quality of the planter’s allure.

                Unless you are planting outdoors, a planter saucer is nearly a necessity if you want to avoid staining and the general mess that comes with water drainage. While we certainly recommend the universal round and square saucers from Crescent Gardens as they come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. This in turn makes them a terrific complement to almost any planter regardless of style, size or design.

                While the ubiquity of flower pot saucers when it comes to indoor planters is primary due to their stain saving abilities, saucers are also known to improve plant health. By retaining water, planter saucers often minimize your gardening chores by working as a simple pseudo-self-watering system. Use a universal saucer to complement your plants, planters and home decor not only with aesthetics but with efficiency. 

               In the end one might always find themselves combating ugly stains caused by even the most luxurious planters. Perhaps the only way to protect your porch, patio or balcony from this grim fate is by investing in a planter saucer. While many will get the job done, it is important to make the right choice to retain that aesthetic allure for which the plant and planter’s purpose it was to create. 


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